Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great Floral Debate

Remember my debate over real v. fake flowers for the wedding?
I even posted a poll where you could vote!
The results were pretty much in favor of real... 
Who am I kidding... 
It was 27 to 1 in favor of real flowers.

So I debated... I consulted... and I finally decided what would be best for US. 

Yep... we're going fake. Fake flowers for our wedding. 

 Do you know that when I googled "real v. fake flowers" for an image there were like three pictures from my blog not at all related to  flowers... Interesting fact. ;)
I finally decided I liked that picture of the pretty daisies... real or not. ;)

Anyway... When it comes down to it, fake will be cheaper. They were easier to track down as far as type and specific colors. 
AND we can start putting them together as soon as they come in. 
I am getting the two days before the wedding off from work. 
Barely enough time to get my behind in gear and drive the few hours to my parents house 
(where we'll be pre-wedding.) That said, trying to insert time to put together flower arrangements and bouquets just wouldn't happen.

So yesterday I finally sat myself down and ordered our flowers. 
I had been putting it off... I guess because of the debate over real v. fake... but also because I knew it was going to be a significant expense.

Thanks to and their free shipping promotion going on UNTIL yesterday, I knew I had to get it done. So, I did. Free shipping is a GREAT motivator. 
And it was not as expensive as I had feared! I got flowers for my bouquet, the girls' bouquets, pre-made boutonnieres for the guys and the dads and enough flowers for our centerpiece vases! I even ordered some less expensive daisies to make a toss bouquet that the lucky recipient can keep!! :)
As well as all the floral tape, wire and ribbon to put it all together!!!
Thank goodness for a horticulturally talented sister! Thanks Kayli!!!
So that's done! A HUGE to do off the list!!! 

And only... 24 days to go!!!
It's getting serious now friends... ;)

Now to find something the girls can toss from their flower girl baskets..
Any suggestions???
Fake petals aren't going to work on the golf course I'm afraid...

So what about you? Did you/will you have real or fake flowers?
Do you think it matters and if so why?


TexaGermaNadian said...

I think they will look great. And they can make those flowers look so life like now!! I didn't have many flowers at the wedding, just my bouquet I believe (we got married in Vegas :)), but they were real. Only cause it came with the package deal, lol!

Jamie said...

Well I'm sure they will work beautifully for you. There are many fake flowers that look super real and unique! I used some fake flowers to fill out my bridesmaids' bouquets. They looked real! Nobody could tell.

You could have your flower girls carry pomanders? It's a quick and mess-free alternative. I'm so excited for you!

morgen said...

we used all fake (hense the 1 vote for fake) except the bouquets and hair pieces. SO much cheaper and we did our centerpieces weeks before the wedding, made the week before less stressful!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Have you considered incorporating fruit into your floral arrangements? It definitely adds the "real" element and is super budget friendly. If you google fruit&flower arrangements there are tons of examples.

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