Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

So far, I haven't come upon any special family wedding traditions as far as mine and the mister's families are concerned... Honestly, I haven't looked THAT much into it...
Don't worry! It's on the to do list!

But everyone seems to have heard of the good ol'...

"Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue"
(And a silver sixpence in her shoe)

I definitely plan on incorporating this one into my day!

So, I thought it would be nice to know the meaning behind it.
As well as mention some ideas for what to use...

Overall, if a bride carries these items on her wedding day, it will mean good luck for her and her marriage.

Something OLD is said to represent continuity.
It serves as the link to the bride's past.
Ideas include:
*Antique family jewelry
*A piece of your mother or grandmother's wedding dress

Something NEW represents well wishes for the future.
It symbolizes the new union that she will enter into with her husband.
Ideas include:
*Anything purchased new for the bride to wear that day
i.e. wedding dress, veil, etc.
*A new piece of jewelry given by a family member or her fiance... *hint hint* haha

Something BORROWED is symbolic of those who are there to support the bride on her wedding day and from then on. For more symbolism the borrowed item could be from a happily married woman, as in the bride is "borrowing" some of that wedded bliss.
And of course, whatever is borrowed must be returned after the wedding.
Ideas include:
*Jewelry borrowed from a family member or friend
*A clutch to carry essentials in during the day

Something BLUE is in specific reference to the color blue, which is related to faithfulness, purity and loyalty.
Ideas include:
*Blue earrings
*Blue stitching on the underside of your dress
*Blue undies!

Finally if you choose to include the silver sixpence...
it symbolizes good wealth and fortune for the married couple!

As for me... I don't know what I'll end up with... I kind of like the idea of stitching a little blue embroidered patch inside the wedding dress.
Then it's like your fun little secret... It could be a message to the fiance and only you and he would ever know!
Something old and borrowed, I'd love to incorporate some family heirloom items.
Definitely something from my beloved Granny.
Next time I'm home maybe I'll see if I can find an old hankie or something of hers.

So... What did YOU use or are you planning to use for your items?
Did you or are you even going to do this tradition?


TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, LOVE the blue panties, too cute! I didn't get to do this, we were in Vegas :) But I love the tradition. Good luck finding things, I am sure you will come across some great things :)

morgen said...

my old, borrowed and blue!

KY said...

Bow Chica Wow Wow - I'm diggin the blue panties Kassie ;)

Missy said...

I wore my great grandmother's wedding ring as my something old. My grandpa gave me an old coin to use as my something borrowed. My something blue was my garter, and my new piece was my wedding dress!
I loved that you learned the meaning behind it, I just did it because it was tradition!

Saying I do said...

I'm still thinking about mine too! Great ideas though and I like knowing the meaning behind each thing thanks!

Bernie said...

I just got married this past Oct.and hated this part of the wedding. *lol* I love the idea of the blue sewn into the dress.

Sara said...

It's such a fun tradition, I was excited to include it in my plans.

Old- A piece of my grandmother's veil wrapped my bouquet
New- My Louboutins
Borrowed- My earrings, from a dear girl friend who couldn't attend the wedding
Blue- The sapphires in my engagement ring

One idea for blue that I *love* is stitching the monogram and wedding date in the hem of your gown..I think that's so sweet & special.

*Andrea* said...

I am still deciding on my borrowed and thinking Carloina blue shoes heheh we will see :)

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