Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Recaps - Making it Legal

Would you believe my mom just told me about a girl from back home that got married... 
They had the officiant, the cake, the reception, the whole sha-bang... 
But then when it came time to sign the marriage license... 
They'd forgot to get one!!! 

So... word to the wise - 
Don't forget your marriage license on your wedding day! :)

Oh, and if you live in AZ or are getting married in AZ, here's the deets on getting one here.

Our photographer caught some fun moments while we were all signing OUR marriage license!
First, the Bishop signed while Mr. M and his buddies were in the background giving each other pep talks... Or whatever guys talk about. :)

Then, the best man signed under Mr. M's watchful eye of course. :)

While Kayli, the maid of honor, was sharing her signature, the best man shared his congratulations. 

Then Mr. M. 

And then me. 
What you don't see in this one is my mom standing behind me who I had just asked, 
"Do I sign as Kassi MarriedName, or Kassi MaidenName?"
We decided on Kassi MaidenName MarriedName. ;)

And it was official! :)

My parents have their marriage certificate framed and hanging on the wall. 
We have yet to do anything with ours... 
Except me carting it around with me everywhere to change my name to 
Kassi MarriedName... But that's for another blog post. 

Did you frame your marriage license/certificate?
Scrapbook it?
Other ideas???


Ali said...

We have our license in our "important documets"sopt, and then we framed our Temple Marriage Certificate ;) It looks really cool ($3 frame from Wal-Mart ;) )

Brooke said...

After 4.5 years of marriage, my license is seriously still in my wallet. Its surprisingly in great condition. I should frame it, or put it into my wedding album though. Just never thought of it until now! Thanks for the idea!! :D

Saying I do said...

I just filed mine away...but yea needed it for a TON of things to change my name - still have to get my new passport! I can't believe that couple forgot to get theirs!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

So cool you guys captured such a special moment! We did our marriage license at the court house = BORING but that made the ceremony easy peasy. We have the certificate in a book type deal. It works but honestly, I have NO IDEA where it even is now, lol.

Nicole-Lynn said...

We came so close to not having our signed.. it was just something I had completely forgot about until we were on our flight to Hawaii! I texted our officient/friend and he said it was taken care of.. whew! I was so sad thinking it wasn't official! lol

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