Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding Recaps - The Flowers

Hi friends! I mentioned... oh... a LONG time ago that I decided to go with Afloral.com for the flowers
When they arrived all boxed up I was so nervous... Since we decided on fake I was hoping they would still look nice... I was actually surprised at how pretty they were! 
Sure, they were obviously fake, but that was fine... They were vibrant pretty colors, looked full with long stems. Just what I was hoping for! 

My sister, Kayli, took a flower arranging class, so between her, me and my SIL, Brianne, we sat down and put all of the bouquets and centerpieces together ourselves. 

Sure, it created a HUGE mess in the living room for an afternoon, but I think it was completely worth it!!

Here you can see each of the bridesmaids' bouquets were made up of the turquoise/blue and white daisies. All of the flowers were tied with floral wire and pink ribbon purchased from Afloral.com. 

My bouquet was a combination of the blue, bright and light pink and just a couple of white daisies. 
Here you can see it from the side... It too was wrapped with pink ribbon. 

Each of our bouquets were displayed at the head table inside a mason jar with some pretty colored rocks in the bottom. It created centerpieces for the head table AND provided the girls with a place to leave their bouquets so as not to have to carry them around all night. 
You can see them here as Kayli stands to give her TOAST. ;)

The centerpieces were different colored daisies arranged in bunches inside the rope vases I madeWe also used oil lamps as centerpieces, all centered on either a pink or turquoise bandanna. Little boot bubbles, a camera, and mints made by my Aunt Betty finished the tables. 
You can see examples on the left of this photo...

I have a rope vase with my bouquet on display next to our wedding party canvas in our home now... 
After the wedding we delivered a centerpiece to my Granny's grave and another to Mr. M's Mom's grave. They're both still there, a little bit faded, but in pretty good shape months later!
Deciding to use fake was the best choice for being able to save and reuse our wedding flowers for sure! 

How about you?? Did you/Will you use real or fake flowers?
What did you/will you do with them after the wedding??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi there!

Hello there friends! 
I sincerely did not mean to leave you hanging on the wedding recaps and well... posting at all... I'm sorry. 
I really hope you've made the transition with me over to Truly Lovely where my sister and I blog at least five days a week... I believe I mentioned it before, but just to be clear, I spend my blogging days there now. 

I do plan to wrap up the wedding recaps here shortly, then my hope is to make a book from this lovely little wedding blog of mine. After that, I won't be writing here any longer...

So please. Join me at Truly Lovely!
I don't want to lose you! 

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